Have a peak at some of the resources available:
  • Equipment available for rental: ASH maintains an extensive fibre tool library, all of which is available to members at a nominal fee.
  • Online Tools: a selection on online tools that can help with your projects
  • Library: ASH has a large library of spinning, weaving, dyeing and design books and periodicals. We invest in new material every year.
  • Bursaries and Awards: ASH members may be eligible to apply for bursaries to forward their fibre studies. As well, recognition is awarded outstanding achievements in the field of fibre arts.
  • Standards: these guidelines are intended to help members improve their craft.
  • For members only - a member directory,  a private Facebook group, presentations and handouts

Atlantic Spinners & Handweavers, c/o Scott Manor House,
15 Fort Sackville Road, Bedford, NS B4A 2G6

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