Celebrating our 50th anniversary

2020 - 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of our guild. Over the next year we will be posting a variety of images from our past. We may need some help identifying some of our members from long ago.

23 photo(s) Updated on: May 14, 2021
  • Alicia Marr, Joyce Chown, Elfriede Budgey, Carol Duffus
  • Fibre Day at Scott Manor House - Ray Meikle, Heather Thorne, Cathy Greig, ?
  • Our inaugural exhibit at the Nova Scotia Archives - 2013
  • Celebration dinner for our 30th anniversary at the Sheraton - many past members and some still present.
  • NSDCC Christmas Market 2016 - Daphne Trenaman, Tina Oliver, Ray Meikle and Michelle Carey.
  • 2011 - A wonderful workshop with Jane Stafford who is a terrific teacher; Jackie Nicholl, Marilyn Bowlby, Pauline Kemp, ?, Daphne Trenaman, Liz Nell
  • A typical Fibre Day at Scott Manor House - Angie Telford, Ray Meikle, Heather Thorne, Cathy Greig, ?
  • In 2009 ASH provided samples for the Guild of Canadian Weavers magazine. This is Alicia Marr and Su Mathers helping to get them ready.
  • Demo at Seaport Farmer's Market, Summer 2014 - Daphne Trenaman and Ray Meikle
  • Warping Hands-on with Elaine MacRae; March 2019
  • ASH participated in the Nocturne event in November 2012. It was a cold night but fun - Pauline Kemp, Cathy Greig, Ray Meikle, Kristina Vermeulen and Fran Nowakowski
  • Viking knitting hands-on with Daphne Trenaman, 2015
  • Friendship Coverlet on exhibit at our show in Truro in 1996
  • 1995 - celebrating our 25th anniversary - Dorothy Hill, Nancy Boyne, Joyce Chown and Gail Vandermeulen
  • Fibres East conference (sponsored by ASH), 1997 - Dawn MacNutt, Sondra MacLeod & Madelyn Van der Hoogt
  • Potluck at The Hill's summer cottage, 1995 - Lea Quakenbush, Joan Thorne, Shirley Hill, Bodil Wiktor, Wendy Murray, Kathy Tummonds (bottom)
  • 1999 - Jane Evans workshop, Scott Manor House. front - Marilyn Bowlby, Joan Thorne, Wendy Landry, ; middle - Kathy Tummonds, Barb Richardson, Fran Nowakowski; back - Jane Evans, Barbara Hinds, Gail V
  • Spinning demo for "Looking Forward, Looking Backward" exhibit in 1994 - Vida Large, Elsa Grude, Carol Duffus, ?, Joan Thorne, Bodil Wiktor
  • Conservation of Mary Black's samples from "Key to Weaving" at the Nova Scotia Archives, 1993 - 1994 - Kathy Tummonds, Vida Large, Clary Croft, ? , ?
  • 2006 Maritime Spinners Retreat, St. Andrews New Brunswick - Phyllis Orlik, Pat Hazell, Pia Skaarer Neilsen, Bodil Wiktor, Lois Perry, Betti Ann Smith
  • Teatowel Exchange 2003 - front - Margo Lindener, Dorothy Hill; back - Ansonia Gray, Alicia Marr, Carol Duffus, Linda Maxwell, Patty MacClelland, Gail Vandermeulen, Shirley Hill
  • 1993 - Sheep to Shawl event. Where? Joan Thorne and Bodil Wiktor but who is weaving?

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