If you have USED equipment, fibre or fibre books for sale, get it posted here by sending the following information to info@ashguild.ca - your name, phone and email; a description of the sale item with price plus any pictures. If it's a loom make sure to include the width & number of harnesses. Your item will be posted for free for one month. After it is posted, please ensure that you inform us when it is sold.

Buy and Sell

 Item  When posted
 Countermarch Loom w/ bench May 27
 Golding Gossamer Spinning Wheel May 26
 Jack Loom May 16
 Joy Spinning Wheel May 14
Dobby loom
April 30
Drum Carder
April 24

Commercial Advertising
You can place an ad for your business on our web site by following this link.

For more information email promotions@ashguild.ca

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