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Antonio Ratti Textile Center, Metropolitan Museum - The Metropolitan Museum of Art possesses one of the finest collections of textiles in the world. Encyclopedic in scope, it includes examples from all of the world's civilizations and from almost every period in history.

Australian Tapestry Workshop - Established in 1976 and one of only a small number of similar organisations in the world, it boasts an international reputation for the production of contemporary, hand-woven tapestries.

Fondazione Arte della Seta LISIO - The mission of the Fondazione Arte della Seta LISIO is to renew and hand on the finest and oldest techniques for hand-weaving silks and precious metals.

Flocks: Christien Meindertsma - Dutch textile artist. Many interesting videos

Norwich Textiles - The web-site has been created as part of the Norwich Textiles project, a collaboration of Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service and Norwich School of Art and Design.

Royal Ontario Museum - Textiles and Fashion - From prehistory through to the present day, textile production has been a fundamental part of human existence. ROM Textiles & Fashions presents the rich heritage of textiles and fashion from around the world, drawing on the ROM’s collection of 50,000 fragile and sensitive objects and our extensive curatorial expertise. Rotating exhibits of weaving, needlework, printed and archaeological textiles, and silks related stories that interweave cultures and societies and record intimate histories, politics and ingenious innovation.

Textile Museum of Canada - With more than 12,000 objects from more than 200 countries and regions, the TMC's permanent collection celebrates cultural diversity and includes traditional fabrics, garments, carpets and related artifacts such as beadwork and basketry.  The Museum offers a broad variety of exhibitions including themed shows based on our permanent collection and contemporary exhibitions of the work of Canadian and international artists.

WAMRI - The Weaving Art Museum - historic weaving art of indigenous weaving cultures located in the Eastern Mediterranean, Caucasus & SW Turkmenistan

Atlantic Spinners & Handweavers, c/o Scott Manor House,
15 Fort Sackville Road, Bedford, NS B4A 2G6

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