Loomsong: 46.2, October 2014

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Sep 302014
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  • President’s Participation Program
  • Review: Exhibition of Haruko Watanabe’s Meisen Kimonos
  • Su Mathers Home Spun Keepsake Blanket
  • Yarnsmith Fibreworks Mini-mill
  • Adventures in Loom Design

Loomsong: 46.1, September 2014

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Sep 082014
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  • April Hands-On Report on Intentional Art Yarn
  • Summer Demonstrations activity
  • Cathy’s Summer Fibre Fun [spinning & dyeing]
  • Annual Treasurer’s Report & Proposed Budget
  • Annual Equipment Report
  • Upcoming Spinners’ Retreat
  • Daphne’s Summer Vacation
  • Fran’s Adventures at Convergence 2014
  • Su’s Visit to the Avoca Weaving Mill in Ireland
  • Farewell to Barbara Hinds

September meeting

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Sep 042014

Our first meeting of the Fall is next Thursday September 11 at 7:15pm in the basement auditorium of the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer Street, Halifax. Please join us to hear about what’s been happening this summer, get a report on Convergence and an update on the new web site.


Membership Renewals

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Aug 312014

Some of you will have received an automatic reminder that your membership is due to be renewed. Please do not follow the instructions that you receive as we are still in the midst of getting a new registration system in place. We will send out an email when we have it set up. Thanks.


New website coming

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Jul 252014

PLEASE NOTE:  We are in the midst of an entire website makeover.  The summer may find us a bit ragged and for this we apologize.  Our new site will be up and running in the early autumn allowing ASH members and its many fans to enjoy archived and new content pertaining to the Guild and the Fibre community in the region and beyond.  Thank you for your patience