Loomsong: 45.7, April 2014

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Mar 282014
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  • Urgent Call for Volunteers
  • Sandra Brownlee Receives G-G/Saidye Bronfman Award 2014
  • Mike’s Anniversary-Birthday-Christmas-Valentine’s Day Present

Loomsong: 45.6, March 2014

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Mar 272014
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  • Call for Entry: Fibreworks 2014
  • Call for Entry: Blue Ridge Fibre Show
  • Rigid Heddle Loom Workshop
  • Review of Weft-Faced Pattern Weaves




Kumihimo Hands On

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Mar 232014

Wow! What a great turnout! 21 members attended our kumihimo hands on Saturday. Alicia and I introduced the beautiful Japanese braiding technique with lots of examples, tons of books and great design ideas. Alicia demonstrated her beautiful marudai and I gave some history and outlined what materials could be used. We demonstrated the 8 strand basic spiral design Yatsu-Kongoh-gumi which everyone then set up and braided on their own disk. We also demo’d a 16 strand braid and a flat braid.

Kumihimo 1   Kumihimo 3    Kumihimo 2      Kumiimo 4


Loomsong: 45.5, February 2014

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Jan 272014
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  • Book Reviews
  • In Memory of Joan Thorne
  • “Double-Harness” or “Two-Harness” Weaving
  • Upholstery for Chair
  • Current list of Equipment for rent
Dec 032013
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  • 60th Anniversary of Nova Scotia Tartan
  • Nova Scotia Tartan’s Legacy
  • ASH Website Evaluation Survey
  • Finishing Handwovens Hands-on
  • NSDCC Market Demonstration
  • Equipment News